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On a night lit by a glow from the Valley of the Moon, the Jenkins family gathered around the kitchen table and decided to extend their rich heritage of tending the world’s best grapes by producing a rare and classic collection of their own fine wines. Three generations of the Jenkins family have worked the land and tended the vines of Sonoma Valley. Please join us in a Jenkins family tradition and share a glass of CLARBEC wines with those you love.

In addition to Jenkins family land, CLARBEC wines is also wrapped up in the rich lore of a historic property in Sonoma County. With a rich and colorful past, Glen Oaks Ranch has been a thriving agricultural complex and vineyard since the mid-1800s. Down the romantic lane of tall eucalyptus trees, stands the historic stone home that once nurtured one of the Valley of the Moon’s historic women of wine, Ellen Stuart.

The tradition of women in wine continues today through CLARBEC wines, managed by Becky Jenkins, handpicked by the legendary woman of wine, Joan M. Cochran, to be her successor to the rich heritage of Glen Oaks Ranch.

Together with a team of highly skilled viticulturalists and land managers, CLARBEC wines oversees the vineyards and production of a new generation of wines for this generation of wine drinkers.

Although at this time we do not have a brick and mortar winery, we offer by appointment only a tour of our vineyard. Click here to sign up for a vineyard tour today.

the Jenkins family

Right to Left: John Metzger, Sara Metzger, Wyatt Metzger, Clarence Jenkins, Savana Metzger, Becky Jenkins and Isaac Jenkins

The People of Clarbec, Inc., and Madrone Vineyard Management

Clarence Jenkins
President, Madrone Vineyard Management

Clarence Jenkins started farming 45 years ago when his father first introduced him to the essentials of grape growing. Eager to learn more, Clarence has not only learned through practicing the art of farming, but also studied hard to earn a degree in viticultural science. Devoted to the ideals of stewardship and land preservation, Clarence has continued to take courses throughout the years to stay abreast of the best thinking on sustainable agricultural practices and vineyard management.

Becky Jenkins
CFO Madrone Vineyard Management & CEO, Clarbec, Inc.

When her children began to express an interest in the family business of growing grapes in Sonoma County, Becky Jenkins had to stop and think about what legacy she and her husband were creating for their family. Knowing what a difficult job farming can be Becky and her husband decided it was time to take their knowledge of growing outstanding grapes and apply that to the business of making great wine.

Isaac Jenkins
Chief of Vineyard Operations Madrone Vineyard Management & VP of Sales CLARBEC Wines

Isaac Jenkins has worked along side his father almost all of his life. Under the apprenticeship of Clarence Jenkins he has learned the particulars of grape growing and plays a vital role at Madrone Vineyard Management. he responsible for employee supervision, daily field operations including scheduling, all pesticide-fungicide applications and reporting, and client relations.

Isaac’s love for the vine began at a very young age when he would follow his father and grandfather around the ranch they cared and lived for. When Becky needed someone to sell the wine, Isaac stepped in and quickly learned when you believe in something it is easy to sell. Isaac is currently going to school at Fresno State University of California, with aspirations of gaining a Masters degree in enology and minors in chemistry and viticulture. With Isaac’s experience in grape growing and a degree in wine making, the Jenkins’ family believes Isaac will become an unbeatable wine maker.

Sara Metzger
Marketing Manager, CLARBEC, Inc.

Being the daughter of Clarence and Becky Jenkins, Sara has always shared the same passion for Sonoma Valley and it’s farmers, that her parents have. When her parents shared they would like to produce their own wine, Sara couldn’t think of a better way to show the world her family’s legacy. With her passion for her family and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications and minor in Marketing, Sara Metzger is ready to prove to the world: grape growers make the best wine.

Emily Dixon
Adminstrative Assistant, CLARBEC, Inc.

Emily is new to the wine industry but already showing a lot of promise. When Sara realized she needed help keeping the office organized and with inside sales she asked Emily to lend her a hand. She brings energy and new ideas to the team.

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